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Blossoming Meadow Bath Soak

Blossoming Meadow - Bath Soak

Make your bath smell like blossoming summer meadow with these wildflower infused ancient glacial salts that were sustainably harvested from deep beneath the Canadian prairies. These prehistoric minerals will hydrate and tighten your skin and promote circulation.

  • Size is 16 oz
  • Reusable, recyclable glass jar
  • Contains fireweed blossoms to help reduce redness and soothe inflamed skin
  • Contains birch oil which is an analgesic and astringent and helpful for reducing joint and muscle pain
  • Contains pure, natural glacial salt which accelerates skin regeneration and cleans and tones your pores
  • Add a handful or two to a hot bath and enjoy

Boreal Folk Apothecary creates natural skincare goods made from wild plants sustainably harvested in Canada's forests.

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