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Our Company Credo

Cedar Mountain Studios Beautiful Chaos Home Decor

We believe that today is full of possibilities.
We believe in choosing happy.
We believe that it is better to give than to receive.
We believe in the restorative power of nature.
We believe that handmade things are the best.
We believe in being kind.
We believe that a child’s laughter is the sweetest sound of all.
We believe in the Golden Rule.
We believe that reading in bed is one of life’s greatest luxuries.
We believe that miracles happen every day.
We believe that impromptu dance parties recharge the soul.
We believe that friendships are the superglue of life.
We believe that wrinkles are a small price to pay for wisdom.
We believe in beach days.
We believe in being grateful.
We believe that music and art nourishes the soul.
We believe in candlelight dinners shared with family and friends.
We believe in swimming and cycling whenever possible.
We believe a beautiful thing is never perfect. 
We believe that a good laugh and a long sleep are the best cure for most ills.
We believe in traveling, seeing places and meeting new people.
We believe that five cups of tea a day is barely enough.
We believe that cashmere, gold, and whiskey are pretty good too.
We believe that things may not work out but seeing if they do maybe the best adventure of all.
We believe in the power of love.
We believe that it is a beautiful world.